Aerospace Consortium is an organization constructed on
varying differing aviation disciplines that span both West
ern & Eastern technologies allowing for an unparalleled
service solutions and understanding into the needs of cli
ents throughout the globe.
AeroSpace Consortium Provides Cargo Aircraft Charter Services at short notice
worldwide due to long-term contacts with airlines, aircraft owners and operators.
During international emergencies, disasters, etc. when scheduled airlines may not have access to the most convenient airports, chartering aircraft is the ideal solution.
June 2010 :
Aerospace Consortium FZE announces another addition of Boeing 747-200F to its growing fleet. The aircraft with nose opening door presents unique opportunities to the Middle East Asian markets.
October 2009 :
Aerospace Consortium FZE has added Boeing 747-200F to its fleet. The nose opening aircraft can carry 105Tonnes and represents the first western aircraft in the fleet which consists of various aircrafts of Soviet design. Aeropsace Consortium FZE is now in a unique position to offer the best of both easter and western aviation to its customers.
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